National Pageantry Systems Team

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Josh Maywalt has been a patron of female impersonation and the male lead for many years. He entered the pageant scene in 2013 through Entertainer Of the Year, F.I. and Mr. Entertainer Of the Year. For the next three years with Entertainer Of the Year, he acquired three National Promoter of the Year awards, returned to Florida with a National F.I. and Mr. EOY crown 2 of those three years. He is now the new owner of National Pageantry Systems, which encompasses; Miss National, Miss National At Large, and Mr. National. He is very excited to revive this prestigious system.

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Chris Culver, an Oklahoma native, is very excited to be a part of the National Pageantry Systems team as the Director of Social Media.  Chris currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his partner Kelly "Keliente" Forbes.  He is a licensed educator who teaches secondary English Language Arts, and pursuing his Masters in School Administration.  He has been following pageantry for several years, but has only been actively involved in the last four to five years.  As an individual who is constantly on social media, he cannot wait to share his expertise, experience, and ideas with the team, as well as reaching all of the followers/members of the National Pageantry family.  Chris manages the Facebook page for National Pageantry Systems, as well as the website.



Casey lands is from Jacksonville where he was born and raised. Growing up he worked in his family business and soon began to manage his family company. He is now the CEO of his own transportation Company and resides in Tampa, FL. Casey at a young age came out and immediately became a fan  of the art of female impersonation. Casey has worked many years in the background of pageantry helping many entertainers reach national notoriety. Casey in recent years began promoting pageantry and judging many pageants across the state. One of Casey’s closet friends is Brittany Moore and has worked many years helping her reach her dreams and goals. Casey has a great combination of passion and administrative skills make him a great asset to The National Pageantry System.